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The image of Robert Redford’s upturned collar in Three Days of the Condor is seered into my brain.  There are actually two popped collars in Condor.

First – the one on his blazer.  I love seeing the contrasting underside of the collar.  I was once told that collars on blazers should not be turned up because of the fabric issue, but I think it can look good, depending on the jacket.

He actually starts the film off with a scarf, but it doesn’t last past the first scene, thankfully.  Look at how messy this is:

The rest of the film is dominated by the popped pea coat collar.  Who needs scarves when you can look like a grad student who is too preoccupied with books to remember accessories?  Or like a spy.  Or like Robert Redford.

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Max von Sydow’s clothing.   I love the way the brown hat and the square frames and that coat looks downright busy when you see it in action.



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