DVF Spring

Spring in New York means going from tights and suede shoes to bare legs and sandals in the space of a week.

These pictures are actually from early March, but I wore the same outfit again this past week when it got freakishly cold!

Diane von Furstenberg “Dizzy” dress, Balenciaga shoes from Yoox.

And a few days later:

Freakishly warm!

Diane von Furstenberg “Kea” dress, Alexander McQueen purse, ancient sandals from Loehmann’s

I had been searching for this DVF dress for years and one finally popped up on ebay a few weeks ago.  I don’t think it’s the most flattering style and it probably needs to be hemmed a bit, but I love the print.


Lines and lines

Marc Jacobs silk dress with piping from Spring 2010

image from style.com

I’ve been waiting for months for this Marc Jacobs dress to show up in stores.  It was the last piece in his Spring 2010 collection, which I honestly didn’t pay much attention to because I am weirdly anti-MJ.  It wasn’t until I saw the dress on Christina Ricci that I became obsessed.

photo from Glamour.com

image from glamour.com

Well, the dress is finally here.  With a price tag of $4800.  The sheerness of the layers make the dress look like it’s drawn on, with squiggly black lines floating in the air.  It also kind of makes me think of Pig-Pen.  If Pig-Pen were a girl and had to go to a formal event, I think it would turn out something like this.

image from net-a-porter.com

While I was waiting for the Marc Jacobs dress, I happened upon a similar dress by Fendi.  It’s more practical, but not much more affordable ($2,990!).

photo taken at Barney's

Spinanes – Lines and Lines

Today I Love

The Vena Cava “XO Projects” dress. I’ve been waiting for this dress since I saw pictures from the runway show back in September.
It’s now available at Zoe and Bloomingdales for $550.

Well, they are starting to land. Neiman Marcus has put one style of the Spring 2010 Treacy-Valentino lace concoctions online and they are a whopping $4700.  According to Famespy the more restrained tulle sandals are priced at $795.  I wonder if I could artfully bunch up some tulle and stick it onto some plain black shoes.

Dresses from Alexander McQueen's final Fall 2010 Collection with a painting by Jean Fouquet of the Virgin and Child (1450)

Alexander McQueen and I had a favorite painting in common: Jean Fouquet’s Virgin and Child from 1450.  While his spring 2010 collection embraced the computer age, the collection he was working on before his suicide was a reflection on the Dark Ages.

He literally incorporated medieval art by printing Northern Renaissance paintings onto fabric.  One dress featured details from various Bosch works, including The Garden of Earthly Delights and the Temptation of St. Anthony.

Another dress was printed with part of Stefan Lochner’s Altarpiece of the Patron Saints of Cologne.

One of my favorite features of early Netherlandish is grisaille, monochromatic paintings which were usually put on the outside of altarpiece wings.  While I’m not usually a fan of photo-printed fabrics, I love the grisaille dresses in this collection.  The figures become an almost-abstract print.

For these dresses McQueen used Hugo van der Goes’ Annunciation scenes from the Portinari Altarpiece.

Even the non-printed dresses were fit for a Virgin from a Van Eyck.

McQueen said in a 2008 interview that he was inspired by the red and blue angels of Fouquet’s painting which represented the darker and lighter sides of heaven.  While some reviews point out that the wings in the final look were a reference to his first collection at Givenchy, it is hard not to wonder what else he was thinking of as he designed these clothes.

Note 1: I picked out the references to paintings as best I could given the small size of the photos on Style.com so if I missed any please let me know.  The collection pictures are from Style.com and most of the painting images are from the Web Gallery of Art.

Note 2: As far as I know, Alexander McQueen was not a fan of Polvo, but everyone should own their EP Celebrate the New Dark Age.

After reading some opinions about blog photos on Fashionism and having a similar discussion with a colleague, I’ve decided to try out both including my face in my pictures AND looking at the camera.  This is frightening territory.

The weather was gorgeous in NYC this weekend, which was perfect because my dear friend Erin was here for a visit.

Despite the sun, I decided to dress in shades of gray on Saturday.

Soia & Kyo hooded leather jacket (from Bluefly), Gray Ant scarf jacket (via ebay), Helmut Lang spider web sweater, J Brand low-rise 10″ skinny jeans (recommended to me by the always-smart Sarah), Kenneth Cole “Christine” boots (via ebay), Jib & Geona leaf necklace (now on sale!).

But Sunday was even sunnier so I wanted to be springy.  I didn’t even wear tights or socks!  It was very exciting.

H&M trench and scarf, J Brand jeans, Miu Miu flats (via ebay),  Alexander McQueen flapper bag (sample sale), Burberry sunglasses (Loehmanns), Erica Weiner earrings.


I love peacock prints, although I have to say I’ve been a bit grossed out by the actual birds ever since I discovered the ones who reside at The Alcazar hanging out in a fenced off construction zone full of garbage instead of prancing around in the gardens.

This dress is a bit big on me so until I get it tailored it will have to be worn with a cardigan over it.  I wasn’t sure about two ruffle-necks, but it worked out pretty well.

Milly dress, J Crew cardigan, Belle by Sigerson Morrison shoes, Jill Stuart bag, antique bracelet, antique sapphire ring, amethyst ring from E.F. Watermelon