I got the Novak bag a few years ago, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, who helped me order it from a Nordstrom Rack in California (because I am a wuss and was afraid of the less-than-helpful salesperson).   I don’t use it as often as I’d like because the short handles can be a pain and the leather gets scratched easily, but I think the shape is gorgeous and I will definitely be carrying this as an old lady (despite the wrinkled appearance of my hands, I am not yet a senior citizen).

Alexander McQueen Novak purse, Tulle coat, vintage rings, wrinkly fingers, Cousin It hair


Sunday Spiderweb

Helmut Lang sweater

I was on the verge of selling this sweater last year, but thankfully some friends talked me out of it.  The front has a V-neck so low it’s practically down to my navel, which is kind of weird and perhaps not so flattering, but I love the spiderweb effect on the back.

Blade Runner

I’ve always admired the costume design (by Charles Knode and Michael Kaplan) in Blade Runner, mainly because I remembered the beautiful clothes that Rachael the replicant (played by Sean Young) wears.

Recently when rewatching the movie I was struck by the contrast between the two suits worn in the Voight Kampff scene: Deckard’s nebbish-y hodgepodge of an outfit and Rachael’s embellished 1940’s inspired jacket and skirt.

Deckard (Harrison Ford)

Rachael (Sean Young)

Rachael wears another incredible suit later in the movie.  I love the ombre striped jacket.

But really what always stands out to me are the amazing fur coats.

Rossovelvet wrote a really great post about the costumes back in the fall.

Charles Knode & Michael Kaplan

The day I got back from Japan the Wall Street Journal ran an interview with Devi Kroell about packing light.  Luckily my dad taught me to be an expert packer so I didn’t need her tips and was able to make it through 10 cold days in 3 Japanese cities with one small suitcase.

I always stick with one base color palate – either black or brown.  Then I make sure I can mix-and-match everything that I’m bringing.  I pack cheap, fun jewelry to dress things up for night and to make my outfits less boring (I was so sick of looking at these clothes by the end of my trip).  Another trick is to put small items like socks and underwear in plastic bags and to stuff them inside your shoes.  This saves space and prevents the shoes from getting squished.  Also, I always try to find some things that are on their last legs which I can throw out at the end of my trip to make room for anything new I’ve bought.  This time I unloaded some very worn-out tank tops, tights and socks.  For shoes I tend to stick with flats since heels take up so much room.  I made an exception this time because I wanted to wear my new Loeffler Randall Ramona pumps, but I really regretted bringing them.  And not just because I twisted my ankle when leaving the glass-walled lobby bar at our hotel and (in the words of my mortified sister) almost “garfielded across the windows.”

Here’s a picture of almost all of the clothing that I brought with me, minus some tank tops.

I added notes to the photo on Flickr so you can see what all of the items are.


I wore this vintage dress for my birthday last weekend, but it seemed appropriate to post it for Valentine’s Day.  The top always looks orange in pictures, but it’s actually bright red. The dress is so vibrant that I’ve never found an opportunity to wear it, but luckily having a birthday close to February 14th gave me an excuse.

While it would have been fun to run around in that dress today, I actually wore this navy Ivan Grundahl sweater which I got last year at the IF basement sale.  I love the details – the wide, slightly-cowled neckline, the vertical ribbing, and the long sleeves.

I got this ring during an insane sale at LaForet in Tokyo – my sister took video of the scene, which hopefully I can post soon.


I had completely forgotten about Nadinoo until Modish pointed out that the label’s Liberty of London print dresses and tops would be a perfect match for Trove’s Graphica jewelry collection, which is made from beautifully patterned papers and resin.

Here are some of my choices:

Back From Japan

I forgot to schedule posts while I was away, but I’ll be back to posting this week.

For the last 2 nights of our trip we were able to use frequent flier miles to get a room at the amazing Conrad Tokyo.  On our last day in Japan I wore one of my Tokyo purchases – a gray sweater with bejeweled bows.

Conrad Tokyo