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Elf Ears

If I had these earrings I could be queen of the elves.

Duchess of Fabulous Earrings by Erickson Beamon via dirtyflaws

They are available on the Free People site for $488.


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Holy Grails

Those items I missed out on, due to indecisiveness or budget restraints, which I will stalk until my dying day.  My list of holy grails included these Yves Saint Laurent wedges from the Fall 2004, Tom Ford’s last collection.

runway picture from Style.com

Five and a half years after first seeing them I found a pair on ebay – never worn and still in their box with the original Maxfield label.

A few weeks after receiving my beautiful, beautiful shoes I was wandering around Barneys when a necklace caught my eye.  Could they possibly be selling the Mended Veil snake necklace that I’d wanted since 2006, when I first saw it on kokopuff’s stylediary?

Apparently they were and it was on sale!  But when I took it out of the box at home I felt disappointed.   Did I really long for a clay snake which, as someone pointed out later, looks literally like a piece of crap?

Even if it has cute little periodot eyes?

I think it might be going back to Barneys.

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Surrealism Part 2

I just came across this in the latest issue of Lucky – an entire page devoted to surrealism-inspired pieces.

I’m not crazy about the Dali watch, but the Dali museum store has a lot of other nice (and pretty cheap!) reproductions.

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Bunny Love ring by Rabid Fox

Getting this ring was a saga filled with endless Post Office and mailroom trips and caster mistakes, but jeweler Linda Smyth was incredibly patient and responsive and it all worked out in the end.  This is one of my favorite pieces and I can’t stop staring at my hand whenever I wear it.  The ring is also available with stone eyes, which makes the rabbits look so  lifelike.

If you are in the Philadelphia area you can check out Linda’s jewelry in person at her boutique Topstich, in Old City.

It is full Winter now: the trees are bare.  —“Humanitad” by Oscar Wilde

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